We’re outside the box

Good podcast featuring an anti-establishment cancer researcher.

Ty Bollinger is known for his legendary research into the real story of cancer.  Here we discuss his bestselling book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box (250,000 copies sold!), and his more recent 9-part video series, The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.  Since his own parents died from the cancer treatments they received, Ty has not stopped investigating and meeting with those who have treated this “mystery disease” with much more success than the modern conventions of chemotherapy and radiation prescribed by oncology (cancer) specialists today.  Cancer is a hugely profitable business for the pharmaceutical and medical industry, whose experts are actually aware of the probably outcome (death!) and would not elect to undergo such “treatments” themselves, Ty has found.  In actuality, he explains, cancer is a disease of toxicity and deficiency.  His enormous website TheTruthAboutCancer.com is an expanding storehouse of information on the mission he has now undertaken as his life’s work: the demystification of cancer.

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