MOVE Holocaust

Update 5/23/15: Is there any chance much or any of this story is fabricated? Some magical numbers appear: 9 (still in) jail and 11 dead (9/11). The main heart-tugging character in this doco, Michael Ward, mysteriously drowns in a hot tub on a cruise line.

One of the two survivors of the 1985 MOVE bombing Michael Ward, also known as Birdie Africa, was found dead in a hot tub on Friday aboard a cruise ship.

I still am convinced that most of what we see happening in the videos did happen. Is there any chance that John Africa, the cult leader, was influenced or planted by intelligence agencies? I am open to that idea. Reason: to make those that are thinking of living outside the system to seriously consider the orchestrated consequences. You will eventually be ostracized, removed, and killed.


Do you have any idea why that person may have gone back into the fire?

I think they went back into the fire to regroup.

This is the unbelievable explanation we are given to end the very troubling documentary Let It Burn.

This is a story – that seems believable – that I had never heard of. My view is that the police decided to take out these very different living and thinking black people by fire or fire – flames or automatic weaponry. It appears they were successful, as successful as one would be if one used a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

I don’t know if the rift between black and white, police and policed, is as pronounced or confrontational as it was during this episode. If this history isn’t forgotten anytime soon, I’m afraid that they are some very real and serious fault lines that will be exploited by real or fake events for years to come.

Goto 1:14:30 for the inspiring quote.

h/t (clip) (thanks Adam for retweeting this post) for pointing out this event, and how it coincided with 2015’s Philly train crash media event.

MOVE wiki – paints a fairly negative view of MOVE. Hard to pick sides in this case, although it’s impossible to excuse killing of children – if it did happen as we are told.

MOVE website

It doesn’t look like the 9 are going to get out of prison in this lifetime:

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