Vax Toronto talk

People are talking about the unreleased Vaxxed movie. I wonder if this will just lead to more expensive vaccines, since people are fixated on the adjuvent and not the concept that vaccines are simply expensive placebos.

Wrong questions lead to irrelevant answers.

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Ratz on vax

Vicsim denier Max does a vax clipfest.

May 24th 2016- In this episode of the Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone Max digs DEEP into the issue of Vaccines.  With the recent publicity surrounding the movie “VAXXED”, Max incorporates a review of the documentary within an in depth presentation encompassing a plethora of knowledge and research into Vaccination.  This is an important show presented in […]

* Duration: 2:50h, Played: 1:38h

* Published: 2016-05-24 5:45:55 AM

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Is shaken baby syndrome just a cover for vaccination poisoning?

Perhaps it is just the cynic in me that I can rarely look at a media news story without a measure of skepticism.  And perhaps it is also that my job as a reporter has me looking at the story from a different angle. . .the one not reported.

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Soldiers are vaccine pincushions

My husband was very healthy when we met. If he got a cold, he was over it within 48 hours. He was exposed to whooping cough and he was fine. He was exposed to the flu, and his body reacted normally. The only time he ever got severely sick was when he spent 21 days in the field, and the temperatures were below zero.

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