Blackface affair

I don’t like to Trudeau and I listen to Warren Kinsella because I don’t like him either. In this podcast he breaks down of the meaning of blackface.

KINSELLACAST 80: Justin Trudeau isn’t a racist – he just likes to play one

2019-09-20 by KC 80

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KINSELLACAST 80: Justin Trudeau isn’t a racist – he just likes to play one

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Shittown or the Fire Gilderer

fantastic podcast (that may even be based on a true story) that is well worth seven hours.


I think the podcast was misnamed, so much so that I avoided listening to it for a long time. I believe a better title would have been the fire guilderer, because its relevance would only have been known by the last episode.

I listen to these podcasts because they are produced by some of the top writers who are likely used to produce psyop scripts. They are so good that I dare say many or most are fake themselves, but it’s quite difficult to tell. The fact that they over emphasise in the promotion that they are true could be a clue. 

Stown discussion 

John’s house complete with maze. 

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Alabama, USA

Make fakeologist your #1 setting on the infinite dial

Over the air radio is nearly dead.

Here’s why.

The scariest findings dealt with how many people don’t even own a radio at home.

Are you ready? The Infinite Dial Canada 2018 Study shows 51% of 18-34 year-olds don’t own a radio at home. That’s one in two millennials who don’t have either an AM or FM radio where they live.

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Breaking the bonds

Removing children at a young age from their natural circle of care (their family) is the fastest way to facilitate psychopathy.

Sure, they may learn more and become independent sooner (by necessity), but learning to detach and stay detached causes irreversible harm to future empathy and relationships.

It’s no wonder a preponderance of our leaders are raised in these parentless coops.

The Impact Boarding School Has On Children | Leaving Home At 8

Fred tackles the Jews

Fred touches the third rail.

It is strange: Jews have been disliked everywhere and in all times. The dislike appears in odd places. I was astonished to find that my Nepalese trekking guides were intensely hostile to Jews. They said that Jews (actually Israelis in most cases I think, but the Nepalese do not seem to make the distinction) were loud, demanding, and always trying to force down the guides’ fees.

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