The Weight of Chains 

Just finished watching this fast paced (and a bit confusing) Michael Moore style documentary on the destruction and rebuilding in an EU/US image of Yugoslavia.

It was an excellent deconstruction of the NATO Balkan assault of the 90s. In two hours you will know more about what really happened then 10 years of new bytes leaked past the Clinton-Lewinsky sideshow, clearly meant as distractive pablum for the American audience.

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Brainwashing is working

The stripping of the 2nd amendment will take time – a generation or two. I do think it will happen, what with the skill the propagandists have at their fingertips.

Mass “shootings”, ie HRDPARs, have certainly ramped up since Obummer took office.

Take these numbers at the face (fake) value. The effect is the same, however.

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2016: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation | Mother Jones

I like the spreadsheet at the above link.

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Clean ripples remove more

The worst propaganda slogan ever.

Go to 2h1m mark.

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