Trump’s antics smokescreen for more of the same

Forget Mexico, the thickening of the border with more security theater hits Canada. All this from the good old 9/11 commission – the day that changed it all for security.

There’s more opposition to President Trump’s executive order on immigration and one key part to it.

Source: Trump’s biometric tracking order raises concern |


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SMOM-The Knights of Malta are a state? 

Fun when an ancient power that no one has heard of gets into the MSM. 

The Order of Malta has many trappings of a sovereign state. It issues its own stamps, passports and license plates and holds diplomatic relations with 106 states, the Holy See included.

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There’s nothing new here except the actors 

The United States now knows who the candidates of the two major political parties are. One of these two will most likely become president of the United States in January. As usual, each candidate and their partisans are predicting total catastrophe if the other wins. There are also claims that there has never been an election like this in history. As is normally the case, the candidate of the party out of power is claiming that the United States has reached a catastrophic point because of the current government. The other candidate is saying that the country is not collapsing but that it will collapse if the opposition’s candidate is elected.

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Obama’s Martial Law Coming?

This is the first semi reasonable pathway to Martial Law I’ve heard. 

Let’s say Donald Trump wins the election. And let’s say Democrats believe everything they say about him – that he’s the next Hitler. Wouldn’t President Obama be obligated to declare martial law and remain in power?

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Will Canada have a 7 man junta when it goes into default?

Great explanation found here on how getting a country into debt will take it down. It’s essentially from the tales of an economic hitman. This example features Puerto Rico.


Source: No Agenda Player


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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On loyalty

Scott’s right on this one. Why do you think auto recalls actually help business?

By analogy, restaurant owners know that the most loyal customers are the ones who had a complaint that got resolved to their satisfaction. People are usually more invested in the fix than the complaint. If a restaurant gets the fix right, the customer bonds for life. Trump got it wrong with abortion penalties, but his fix was swift and unambiguous. Voters notice the fix. And they bond to it.

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