Bugs hate Coke

This story is fascinating, and a cautionary tale for the continent’s favorite poison.

Farmers in the Durg, Rajnandgaon and Dhamtari districts of Chhattisgarh say they have successfully used Pepsi and Coke to protect their rice plantations against pests.It is a trend that has been seen in other parts of India, with farmers also using Indian brands of colas.The practice of using soft drinks in lieu of pesticides, which are 10 times more expensive, gained so much popularity that sales of the drinks increased drastically in remote villages.

via Pepsi and Coca-Cola Used As Pesticide In India Because They’re Cheap and Get The Job Done.

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Protein from fruit and veggies

I’m not a vegan, but the price of meat lately has put in on the extravagant list right now. Luckily, one can get all their proteins from cheaper vegan sources.

The Best Sources of Protein – You’ll Never Guess The Three Items Not On This ListMany people are actually causing harm to their bodies when they consume so-called ‘healthy’ proteins. High protein diets are all the rage but they can lead to a variety of health problems like liver disease, weight-gain, high cholesterol, reduced liver function and more!

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Let’s talk about corn

Another eye opener about what you should not be eating.

What happens when corn plays a dominant role in diet, as it does in parts of South America and formerly did in the southern U.S. and Europe? People develop the “4 D’s”: diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death, otherwise known as pellagra. Because corn products lack niacin and the amino acid tryptophan, over-reliance on corn as a calorie source makes people very ill.


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The China Study Community



T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study created a movement in the way people consider their diets. While the Internet features many great meeting places for the plant-based community, there has yet to be a one stop shop. The China Study Community website launched with the hopes of filling this niche and becoming the leading source of news for the plant-based community. Each day, you’ll find links to news stories, event information, recipes, reviews, and more from the top influencers in the plant-based movement, including specific information on The China Study and Colin Campbell-endorsed books published by BenBella Books.

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