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T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study created a movement in the way people consider their diets. While the Internet features many great meeting places for the plant-based community, there has yet to be a one stop shop. The China Study Community website launched with the hopes of filling this niche and becoming the leading source of news for the plant-based community. Each day, you’ll find links to news stories, event information, recipes, reviews, and more from the top influencers in the plant-based movement, including specific information on The China Study and Colin Campbell-endorsed books published by BenBella Books.

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Are we frugivores?

I like my meat and milk, but this does make common sense to me.

Quotes”All available scientific evidence indicates that humans are frugivorous apes.  Regardless of how large and arrogant our cultural egos are, and regardless of unsupportable religious dogma created by ignorant people who knew absolutely nothing of biochemistry, comparative anatomy, genetics, or science thousands of years ago, our physiology is that of a frugivorous ape.”–Laurie Forti

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