Deep Thoughts Ep 185: Capitulation

Will the intelligence agencies ever tell us the truth? Can the public handle it? 

Man has been ruled by one method and one method alone…capitulation. Pressures are added to society. Patriotism acts like a force to serve masters that have none. In this episode, we examine several areas where this method is incubated, nurtured, and practiced. Enjoy.

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* Published: 2017-03-07 2:03:33 AM

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Tats and piercings are dangerous 

I’ve always thought this. 

Regarding the tattooing/piercing craze, it is promoted in part because it promotes disease.

In “Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You” Roger Bezanis started wondering if an Acupuncture point could be destroyed or continually stimulated if punctured via piercing. 

Comment on A Guide to the Social Engineering Prevalent in Social Media by marsinvirgo11

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Brainwashing is working

The stripping of the 2nd amendment will take time – a generation or two. I do think it will happen, what with the skill the propagandists have at their fingertips.

Mass “shootings”, ie HRDPARs, have certainly ramped up since Obummer took office.

Take these numbers at the face (fake) value. The effect is the same, however.

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2016: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation | Mother Jones

I like the spreadsheet at the above link.

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Mike Duffy, media change agent

Big media figures are cultural change agents. They are paid whores who do the elites’ bidding, even if it portrays them negatively.

Mike Duffy is no different. A media personality paid off with a Senate appointment, he is then used to give the people what they allegedly want, an elected Senate.


Elected senates may placate the people, but they will make no difference to the prols’ lives.

The phony trial resulted in three years of distraction. It’s a setup for future change. Mike Duffy got paid well for doing his job, even though it’s with a nudge and a wink from the power players that he’s a bad man.

There are some moments when stunned silence speaks for itself.

Watching hot air inflate a larger-than-life Senator Mike Duffy, his briefcase brimming with $20 bills, at the edge of the Ottawa river, framed by Parliament Hill in the background, is one of those moments.

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