#metoo in 2002

Interesting story of how fault lines of belief can fracture a small community when allegations of sexual harassment occur.

Susan Drury tells the story of what happens when one of the most respected men in town gets accused of sexual harassment by one of the most trusted women in town. For a lot of the townspeople it was a difficult decision, but they chose to believe him over her. And some of them didn’t change their minds, even when the man was later revealed to be a murderer.


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Deep Thoughts Ep 185: Capitulation

Will the intelligence agencies ever tell us the truth? Can the public handle it? 

Man has been ruled by one method and one method alone…capitulation. Pressures are added to society. Patriotism acts like a force to serve masters that have none. In this episode, we examine several areas where this method is incubated, nurtured, and practiced. Enjoy.

* Duration: 1:03h

* Published: 2017-03-07 2:03:33 AM

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Tats and piercings are dangerous 

I’ve always thought this. 

Regarding the tattooing/piercing craze, it is promoted in part because it promotes disease.

In “Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You” Roger Bezanis started wondering if an Acupuncture point could be destroyed or continually stimulated if punctured via piercing. 

Comment on A Guide to the Social Engineering Prevalent in Social Media by marsinvirgo11 pieceofmindful.com/2016/11/03/a-guide-to-the-social-engineering-prevalent-in-social-media/#comment-48315

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