The money system

Canada has a public bank,  but it only borrows from private banks.  Who knew?

“Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation’s laws.  Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation.”

    —William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, 1935

Powell River, BC.

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Fifth Estate tackles Davis’ Wheat Belly

Fighting the Wheat Belly phenom that is taking the industry on.

There is huge confusion/deception between gluten free and wheat free. The food industry saw this coming and is promoting gluten free as the answer.

I believe the answer is wheat free. Apparently it’s not that wheat is GMOed to make it roundup resistant, it’s the application of Roundup to power-dry the wheat to expedite its harvest.

The real study should be: what does Monsatan’s Roundup do to the human body when ingested via the wheat?


h/t Negentropic

via The War on Wheat – the fifth estate – YouTube.

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Giant sucking sound part 6

Ross Perot’s pronouncement rings truer than ever. Canada and the US’ race to the manufacturing bottom continues faster than ever as a whole non union, recurring contact generation grows up knowing nothing about NAFTA,  job protection or working peoples rights.

Auto investment soared in Mexico last year and light vehicle production topped three million for the first time, underscoring Canada’s decline to junior-partner status in NAFTA when it comes to the auto industry.

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If voting made a difference, it would be illegal

The voters who put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.

via Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. – Ideas – The Boston Globe.

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Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor

The human resource industry is one level above human trafficking. We allow one and don’t allow another.

Super warehouses reside in the Inland Empire, a massive warehouse area 1 hour east of LA in CA,  It is the largest such area in the world. UPS, FEDEX, Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon all serve their (growing online) customers from here.

The workers are all paid minimum wage, non-union, and essentially work at Chinese-ified slave wages. Ironically, most are Mexican nationals (legal or illegal, I don’t know or don’t care either).

Interesting how (CIA sponsored?) Amazon is building a super warehouse in NJ to launch Amazon Fresh, as they move into same-day groceries.

This video really illustrates corporatism at its best. I don’t have a solution to it, but it’s a sad commentary on what happens when we go global and harmonize to the lowest common denominator.

It’s like starting a country all over again, and the only direction for a once mighty country like the USA is down.

Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor (FullLength) – YouTube.


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Sochi scenes


If you can get past the anti-Russian propaganda (mostly about the false anti-homosexual stories), then you’ll see what $50 billion of Russian taxpayer money can buy. Even after all the graft, it can buy some amazing architecture and infrastructure.Behind The Scenes – The Olympics In Sochi - Interesting 6

Behind The Scenes – The Olympics In Sochi – Interesting 6.

Click this link describing the real story behind the Russian law banning spreading alternative lifestyle information to minors (what they call the anti-gay laws).

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Good Lorde

If only this were true.

Thankyou soo much everyone for making this song explode because this world is mental. Laughter. Planet Earth is run by psychopaths that hide behind slick marketing, ‘freedom’ propaganda and ‘economic growth’ rhetoric,[1] while they construct a global system of corporatized totalitarianism.

via Lorde’s Suppressed Grammy Award acceptance speech Full Transcript 26 January 2014 | Snoopman News.

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