Toxic assets, junk bonds

Old story but good one on what a junk mortgage bond is.

In January 2010, reporters from Planet Money bought a toxic asset—you know, the things that blew up wall street banks, sank the economy and brought the global financial system to a halt—one of those. And “Toxie” turned out to be an encyclopedia of the financial crisis.

Source: Toxie – This American Life

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Job Alert: How Would You Like to Babysit Robots?

BOOK A NIGHT at LAX’s Residence Inn and you may be fortunate enough to meet an employee named Wally. His gig is relatively pedestrian—bring you room service, navigate around the hotel’s clientele in the lobby and halls—but Wally’s life is far more difficult than it seems. If you put a tray out in front of your door, for instance, he can’t get to you. If a cart is blocking the hall, he can’t push it out of the way. But fortunately for Wally, whenever he gets into a spot of trouble, he can call out for help.

Via Babysitting Robots

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Fox in hen house

Who knew are county’s finances are being run by our very own corporate raider. The planned destruction of Sears sounds just like the movie Wall Street.

The whole concept of corporations, and why were invented in the first place, has long since gone.–theyve-all-forgotten-about-the-little-guy

Most Canadians spend years working for an income and trying to save enough for a secure retirement. That’s called middle class Canada.

Then there are those who make their money at the expense of undermining middle class security — and get rewarded with villas and yachts. There’s a name for them, too.


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The real diesel story 

This is corporatism at its finest,and California is a corporation. 

Volkswagen’s $2 Billion Settlement (For Diesel Emissions Cheating) Will See ~400 EV Fast-Charging Stations Built In USA

As part of its court settlements with with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Volkswagen will build around 400 electric vehicle fast-charging stations in the US, according to reports

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