Michael Moore’s Donald Trump Movie Is the “Film to See Before It’s Too Late”

I’m a big Michael Moore fan, controlled opposition or not.

n the fall of 2016, Michael Moore was one of the few liberal cultural figures who predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. Now the documentary filmmaker says his next project, Fahrenheit 11/9, a Trump-focused movie that takes its title from the president’s fateful election day, will arrive in theaters in time for the midterms.

Source: Michael Moore’s Donald Trump Movie Is the “Film to See Before It’s Too Late” | Vanity Fair

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Head pineapple apologizes for fruit machine

The end is near when this is what our “leader” is busy talking about.

This will cost you and me $100 million.

Ottawa also announced Monday that the government will earmark over $100 million to compensate LGBT civil servants whose careers were sidelined or ended because of their sexuality.

The fruit machine

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I know he’s an actor but…

I watched a lot of Partridge Family. As a fakeologist, I’m jaded by the celebrity culture. It’s not easy to take them seriously, knowing how they’re manipulated for negative purposes.

That said, this interview seems quite genuine and sad how some (most) celebrities end up. For all the fame and fortune, it’s hard to see it being worth it.

Watching this clearly ill man makes one realise why it’s probably important to exit them early before things become embarrassing.


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