Mobility Pricing could come to GTA too if NDP gets in

No doubt congestion pricing is coming to Toronto, since no new roads are being built.

Two possible options for road mobility pricing in Metro Vancouver have been outlined in the final report of TransLink’s Mobility Pricing Independent Commission (MPIC).The MPIC launched in July 2017 with a $2.31 million budget for its research and policy development work, which is guided by a paid 14-member commission supported by a team of researchers and coordinators, and its report presented to the Mayors’ Council this morning is the culmination of all of their work.

Source: Mobility Pricing could cost Metro Vancouver families up to $8 per day | Daily Hive Vancouver

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Ever heard of Nauru?

Me neither.

Nauru is a tiny island, population 12,000, a third of the size of Manhattan and far from anywhere: Yet at the center of several of the decade’s biggest global events. Contributing editor Jack Hitt tells the untold story of this dot in the middle of the Pacific and its involvement in the bankrupting of the Russian economy, global terrorism, North Korean defectors, the end of the world, and the late 1980s theatrical flop of a London musical based on the life of Leonardo da Vinci called Leonardo, A Portrait of Love. (30 minutes)


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Uplifting Degrassi story

I grew up in subsidized housing with my mom, and spent weekends with my wealthy grandparents at their Bridle Path mansion. If I wanted to be loved, I’d have to learn to live two lives

Lovely story. Sad that your paternal grandparents couldn’t fork over a few shekels for their bloodline, but hardly surprising either. Glad to see you overcame adversity to become a success.

Mayor John Tory’s despicable attack ad

I know all is fair in love and politics, but most who think highly of the current (psyop lying mayor, who only got in because former mayor Ford hoax died for him to win) don’t remember or even know about his disgusting attack ad against former Prime Minister Chretien.

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One big system

I’m not a big fan of monopolies, but I dislike a duplicate monopoly even more.

Some of us have religious affiliations and some of us don’t, but we all believe in one non-denominational two-language public school system. It has been estimated the elimination of the separate system could save 1.25 to 1.6 billion dollars a year…(1)

Source: One Public Education Now – Constitutional Challenge to eliminate the public funding of the duplicate Catholic Separate school system

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Make fakeologist your #1 setting on the infinite dial

Over the air radio is nearly dead.

Here’s why.

The scariest findings dealt with how many people don’t even own a radio at home.

Are you ready? The Infinite Dial Canada 2018 Study shows 51% of 18-34 year-olds don’t own a radio at home. That’s one in two millennials who don’t have either an AM or FM radio where they live.

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