One thought on “Anti vax tide rising”

  1. With the vaccine debate over the last 10 years I have figured it best to use these 25 points within a online descussion and to hand out these cards if your active in person. I leave these cards everywhere from gas pumps, baby changing stations, diaper boxes, and community boards.. From the above post on cluesforum


    1.Childhood illnesses are beneficial and are essential to build the immune system.

    2. Suppressing them in itself is the road to chronic disorders & disabilities.

    3. Vaccines ingredients are extremely toxic and harmful.

    4. The claim that vaccines eradicated disease is not backed by facts. The credit actually goes to better housing conditions, clean water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition.

    5. Vaccines have never been adequately tested for safety/efficacy.

    6. Administration of more than one vaccine does not have the backing of any safety study.

    7. The effects of the entire vaccination schedule on children has never been studied.

    8. Statistical manipulation and intense lobbying is behind ‘vaccine success’.

    9. Vaccine harm is constantly denied as coincidence.

    10. There are 200 serious adverse effects including death noted in published mainstream scientific literature.

    11. Vaccine induced autoimmune disorders and toxicity problems show up many years after administration.

    12. Vaccine induced chronic disorders fuel the growth of the medical empire.

    13. There is no safety net for victims in developing nations.

    14. Vaccines are profitable; driven by corporate philanthropists supporting eugenics agendas.

    15. In the USA $3.3 billion has so far been paid as compensation for vaccination damage. Thousands of cases are pending.

    16. The global spread of Autism, other chronic disorders and various cancers etc among children is alarming.

    17. While ‘experts’ deny the vaccine autism connection, Courts have so far compensated 87 cases of vaccine induced autism in the USA and Italy.

    18. Almost ALL the CDC studies disproving the vaccine-autism link has been exposed for fraud and statistical manipulation

    19. These studies have not been retracted but are cited as ‘proof’ that vaccines do not cause autism.

    20. Doctors/ scientists investigating vaccines have been struck off roles and have also died under mysterious circumstances.

    21. Vaccine harm is mostly life long, without any treatment protocol to address the harm.

    22. The entire system earns handsomely from vaccines and therefore turns a blind eye to harm done.

    23. Parents are coerced into vaccinating their children without proper informed consent which is a crime under the Nuremberg Code.

    24. Parents reporting vaccination harm are ignored, threatened or laughed at.

    25. Pediatricians get their vaccine commissions and also benefit from treating the adverse effects. They are committed to be silent on the issue. The industry also never educates them on the subject.

    Want to know why doctors are so focused on vaccinating the hell out of your kids?

    Doctors get a $400 bonus for each fully vaccinated child. 60 kids = $24,000 bonus.

    Autism creates $2,000,000.00 – $5,000,000.00 in revenue for each child and family effected!

    Plus they create a lifetime of sickness leading to premature death!

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