Wealth tax coming to Canada

In the form of US sized property taxes. As the middle class evaporates, the gap between haves and have nots widens. If you have, and won’t give, they will take. Another bit of globalism fall out.

These days the Dipper government is 100% on the side of the have-nots, wannabes, envious and angry. After all, this is politics. There are way more votes on one side of the ledger than the other. Odds are overwhelming the extra property tax that people living in $3 and $4 million properties now face ($2,000 more a year) will stay. The protest that surrounded Sunday’s event is a lost cause. This is class warfare – the first inklings of a progressive wealth tax in Canada, based on real estate.

The gap www.greaterfool.ca/2018/05/27/the-gap/amp/

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