Why children thrive best in married families

Chances are, the Valentine’s Day flowers have started to wilt a bit by now, which seems fitting considering for the state of marriage and families in Canada today. In fact, newly available census stats suggest we’ve gone a long way in the wrong direction, losing our appreciation for what marriage is and why it matters – especially to children.Simply put, marriage is the best family form for children. And yet, as think tank Cardus has reported, the 2016 census found that only 62% of children up to age 14 were living with two married parents – a dramatic decline from the 73% who lived in such homes in 1996. The decline in marriage is countered by the increase in parents who are not married but living together. That accounts for 17% of children’s living arrangements. (Roughly one in five kids are living with a single parent, and this number has been stable over past census years.)

Source: GUEST COLUMN: Why children thrive best in married families | Toronto Sun

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