Find me the measles virus 

Not too clear what he thinks causes conditions like measles, but I agree the whole concept of viri is a myth. 

David interviews Dr. Stefan Lanka, educated as a virologist, but who doesn’t want to use the term because he no longer believes in disease causing viruses. They talk about his early experiments with a virus-like object he found in marine algae, his early concerns about the HIV theory, and his recent court cases with the measles virus. When Lanka put up a monetary prize for someone who could prove the measles virus existed, a doctor came forwards with six classic measles papers, although stunning

* Duration: 1:00h

* Published: 2016-04-12 5:00:00 PM

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One thought on “Find me the measles virus ”

  1. Very interesting show.

    If virology is a created myth as Dr. Stefan Lanka implies, this subject is as close to fakeology as can be ! Dr Lanka would be a good guest in a future radio show. Wonder what Lanka would think of modern physics and atomic theory and energy…

    Interesting as well was Lanka’s insight on Dr. Geerd Hamer, the creator of the “new german medicine”. Dr Hamer actually fled Germany and currently lives in Norway*.

    *He does no longer consult patients though

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