Nature or nurture – I choose nurture

Simon at has a post that discusses the “Jews are superior by birth” myth.

I contend that Jews, to survive, HAD to be really smart to survive in a hostile world.

I contend that Atlanticist-backed Hitler was manipulated (or ordered) to expel the Jews from Germany simply to destabilize Germany by removing its intellectuals and cultural leaders.

I contend its 95% nurture, and only 5% nature, that determines a human’s success in life.

Clearly, the Jews, who are no longer threatened, are lapsing into the great melting pot of society and losing their intellectual edge.

Bring on the Asians, as I posted here.

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More poopy talk

Squatty potty has started a good conversation. It should finish with the Lillipad.

After Kim Sevy and her friends discuss vacation plans and hot new restaurants, the conversation turns to the inevitable: bathroom habits.“Every time we get together we talk about poop!” says the 41-year-old, who owns a skin-care line and splits her time between New York City and Utah.

Source: This gadget will revolutionize the way you poop | New York Post

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How to surrender

From the persuasive mind of Scott – who is such a good writer.

1. Roll down your window upon stopping and stick both hands out the window, palms up, waiting for the police officer. That’s as clear a surrender as you can get. And importantly, it is easier to remember this move than the steering wheel hand-placement mentioned above. You have a different visual memory for sticking both hands out the window (which is unusual) compared to putting both hands on the steering wheel, which is closer to normal behavior.2. Your first utterances to the police officer should include the words “officer” and “safety.” Example: Good morning, Officer. Let’s be safe today. Tell me what you need me to do.

Source: Better Surrender Technique | Scott Adams’ Blog

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