Revert to Skype 3.8 – Download

I am a big believer on checking software before upgrading. This has just started recently for me, since the latest version are either worse or unusable.

Skype is no exception. It is progressively becoming typical Micro$haft bloatware. It always hooks you in with “better audio” and adds all types of options that are far and away from the purpose of the program.

One feature I really liked version 3.8 is search users via many fields, including country and skypeme. Check it out!

Even though there are many new versions of Skype, a large amount of people are still using and searching for Skype 3.8. I think that this is basically because of the new interface that is introduced to us in Skype 4. Many people didn’t like the drastic change – why change something that isn’t broken, right :)?

via Skype 3.8 – Download.

Update: Skype 4.2 seems to be better.

Be careful to turn off auto-update. Skype updated itself on me back to 5.x, and didn’t even ask me!

Maybe this will stop the insidious skype from updating

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