2 thoughts on “Is Gaga done?”

  1. They certainly do have her dressed up like a ghost, huh?

    Plus, she really looks a lot like Amy Winehouse. They are like mirror images of each other, one light, one dark. Given how much the media love to work the black and white Masonic checkerboard theme, it’s very likely that she will have some sort of dramatic exit when she hits the magic number.

  2. Overall though, I have noticed a “white” theme being played up in the media ever since the Edward SNOWED-in tale.

    Lady Gaga’s new single is called VENUS. Venus is a glowing white planet also know as the Morning Star. The old Greek name for it was Phosphorus which meant ‘Light-bearer” . In Latin it was “Lucifer.”

    Then there’s the “White Widow” that the press keeps telling us masterminded the Kenyan Mall silliness.

    And that very white little girl with pale blond hair that was found living with gypsies who were not her biological parents or something. I think her name was Maria.

    Theese are just the ones I remember off the top of my head, there’s been way more. I try to write this stuff down when I see patterns.

    I think they are trying to push an “Aryan” theme onto us. That coupled with all the “shooting” stories making black people the villians – notice how even when they are a victim, they somehow brought it on themselves like Trayvon Martin story and the lady in the DC shooting.

    It drives me crazy that the vast majority believe these events to be true. Of course, I used to believe all this stuff too but now that I see it I’m just obsessed. It’s so obvious that they are leading us around by the nose , how did I miss it? And do they insert all this symbolism as a rabbit hole trap to get people like me to obsess over it, or are they trying to nudge us toward something very bad? Something like this or is this just more mind-fuckery to scare us?


    Who are the people pulling our strings? I would really love to know.

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